Parenting Tips from an Expert on Family Wellness


An excellent resource for parenting tips, especially for parents of tweens and teens, is the email newsletter and blog of Dr. Peter Montminy. He’s a father of four children—and a consulting child psychologist, passionate about emotional well-being of kids and families. He’s got soul, he’s got heart, he’s got experience, he’s got training, he’s got joy.

He’s done extensive work with adolescents and their parents and teachers, and has developed teleclasses, a coaching program, free information, an email newsletter, and more.

I like his tagline, “Guiding school-age kids to life-time success,” and his description of himself as a family wellness coach. I like that he lives with his wife and family in the woods of Pennsylvania (what a great place to raise children). Check out his website and sign up for his weekly tips:

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