Marketing a New Parenting Book—Yes!


My new parenting book, Plus It! How to Easily Turn Everyday Activities into Learning Adventures for Kids, is my new golden opportunity as an educator and info-preneur. It’s just released and available on Amazon. (You can search for it using the whole title as I wasn’t able to put the link here for some reason.).

Marketing this book of tips for parents—getting it out into the world and into the hands of those who can use and enjoy it—is going to be a major learning adventure for me. Yes!

I declare I welcome it all: small successes, getting to know new people, writing ad copy, disappointments, large successes, losing money, making money, creating sequels, fearing I’ll be seen as too self-promoting, wandering around the house trying to figure out the next priority thing to do, planning and presenting of workshops, being on the radio…all of it!

Yesterday, at my first attendance at a writers’ group in a local bookstore, I was asked to pass around my new book. It got stalled on one woman’s lap. Then I saw her slip a notebook out of her bag. She started writing intently, copying down something from Plus It! Yes! In just flipping through this parenting book, she found something of value, a tip to use with children. Yes!

That’s just how I want the book to be used—as a source of ideas and inspiration. And maybe she’ll also buy it!

(Coming next: Goals for Plus It!)

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