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Here’s my personal story in a nutshell:

I was a single parent. I had a full-time teaching job and brought work home almost every night. I also took evening courses to improve in my work. Of course, I did my best to make sure my daughter was successful in school, but it was extremely hard to juggle all our time commitments, transportation needs, housework, and special events—AND find time for togetherness activities.

When I look back on those days, I don’t know how I did it or how anyone does it, for that matter. And I don’t think it’s much easier in two-parent families. The truth is raising children is a huge, demanding job.

And now, my daughter has her own children. I adore these grandchildren. NOW I see so many ways that those days when I was a young mother could have been easier for me, more educational for her, and more fun, too.

So I’ve put a lot of those ideas and insights into PLUS IT!™ Please read the book, try the suggestions that appeal to you, and enjoy your children even more!

Amazingly simple techniques to help kids learn!

So, are you a busy parent, concerned about not spending quality time with your kids? Or are you concerned about the kids becoming couch potatoes or video addicts?

Would you like to know ways that every parent can help kids succeed?

PLUS IT!™ provides many of those.

Here’s an example of a PLUS IT!™ activity:

Have you ever gone to the mailbox and picked up a pile of bills, political flyers, ads for carpet cleaning, cable service, and credit cards, and maybe a birthday card? And then you tossed half of the items in the trash?

One way to Plus It! with the daily mail is to let your children keep track what comes from the post office to your home for a week or a month. Ask questions like: How many bills? How many ads? How many envelopes have stamps? How many are personal items or business ones? What day of the week has the most mail? Why might that be?

School age children could make a chart and write down what comes each day in each category. They could figure out total postage costs. A younger child might identify or tear out pictures or letters of the alphabet.

In doing this, kids learn how to sort and categorize things, which is an important thinking skill. They will become more aware of the value and workings of the postal system. And why not surprise your child and mail a personal card to him or her during this time period?

Start your kids on the road to life success.

We all know that raising children is a very important job. And more than anything else, what most parents want is to be a good parent.

We don’t get training for parenting.

Some of the most common worries of parents (aside from safety, health, food and clothing) are: Will our children succeed in school? Will they be accepted by other kids? Will they be honest, truthful, and kind? Will they avoid the wrong crowds and peer pressure? Will they be okay with their own bodies, looks, and talents? Will they know how to set goals and get what they want in life?

Do you share any of these concerns?

PLUS IT!™ has 12 short chapters of TIPS for keeping kids on-track and happy. It’s a how-to-do-it parenting book that you can pick up and read anytime.

Here’s what one reader found:

When I was first given a copy of PLUS IT!™ I didn’t really see what help it could be. Surely this information was obvious. But then I read it! I was completely inspired. The ideas and suggestions are so creative and so easy to incorporate into the daily routine. I pretty much read it from start to finish in one sitting. It made me realize how rich our world is and how much potential for learning there is all around us if we open our eyes and look. A really invaluable tool for anyone who spends time with children.

– Virginia Fraser, Consultant, Dunswold, England

Turn lemon-days with kids into lemonade

In PLUS IT!™ you’ll learn ways to engage kids when they are

· feeling blue–sad, angry, or bored

· eager to spend money and you aren’t

· waiting in line or in the doctor’s office

· sitting at the supper table

· traveling in a car, bus, or train

And there are ideas for many more ordinary situations!

It’s a manual to make being with kids FUN!

PLUS IT!™ is a guide for babysitters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even experienced teachers.

What can you do when a babysitter parks the kids in front of the TV and picks up the phone? Give her (or him) a copy of PLUS IT!™ It’s an easy-to-read book that builds toward confidence, skills, child-development knowledge, and hopefully, a trouble-free bedtime.

What can you do when out-of-town, out-of-practice-with-kids grandparents visit? Give them a copy of PLUS IT!™

It’s packed with ideas for when the kids are restless. It helps divert grumbling and tears.

Here’s one grandmother’s report:

“I’m over at my daughter’s place watching the grandchildren,” she related. “The dog is nudging me and signaling she needs to go out. Now, they don’t have a fenced yard, so we need to take Sassy out on a leash. But I can’t do that without the kids, cause I can’t leave them home alone.

“I know they’ll be opposed to going out—and getting shoes and jackets on resistant kids is a challenge. But I know once they get out and on the sidewalk, the two-year-old boy starts running as fast as he can, working off his energy, and the five-year-old girl loves walking beside me, chatting about everything.

“That’s where the ideas of the PLUS IT!™ book came in handy. The book has a little chapter on how to take walks with kids and make them fun and educational. So I say to the kids, ‘Let’s to take a walk with Sassy and do a little study.’

“Now the kids have no idea what a ‘study’ is, but it sounds like an adventure, so the five-year-old jumps up, and the two-year-old follows. They quickly put on shoes.

“We get an index card and a pencil, and with the dog on the leash, we head out. The PLUS IT!™ idea is to listen carefully and make a list of all the sounds we hear as we take our walk. The kids are closely attentive for awhile, then they forget and race ahead for a bit. When they come back to walk with me, as they invariably do, we continue making the sounds list.

“The list grows longer—vehicle sounds, animal sounds, human sounds, machinery sounds, water sounds—it’s surprisingly fun. And it holds their attention. They learn words and distinctions. When we get back home, the five-year-old counts up the items on our list. Seventeen, total.

“What’s been accomplished? We got out of the house, the dog did her business, the kids got exercise, they practiced listening carefully, they learned a few new terms, they practiced counting, and we all felt happy together. That’s the sort of thing PLUS IT!™ is about.

“And it got me the ultimate compliment from a child, ‘Grandma, can we do that again?'”

And how can PLUS IT!™ help experienced teachers?

Here’s one response:

PLUS IT!™ is a wealth of refreshing ideas. As an elementary school teacher, I use them with students while waiting in line and during short breaks. As a mother of a five-year-old, I use them to make everyday activities exciting and educational and to promote creativity. I love how quick, effective, and easy it is to use this book.

– Christine O’Donnell

Second Grade Bilingual Teacher, Lennox, CA

Let’s find solutions to our problems

One of the huge problems in the news today is the OBESITY CRISIS of children.

Researchers estimate that 16 percent of children who are 6-19 years old are overweight or obese—a number that has tripled since 1980 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). That’s about one in every six children. Good grief, that’s high!

Can PLUS IT!™ help with that issue? Well, yes.

PLUS IT!™ has ideas on how to get kids to eat things that are good for them.

Here’s a story:

One mother, who’s a bit of a health nut, asked for advice about how to get her young kids to eat more fruit. I referred her to the fun little idea in the beginning of the PLUS IT!™ book. Try decorating the kids’ food.

The mother started by cutting up a banana and placing the slices around the plate like a flower with round petals. She placed it before her kids and invited them to eat the Banana Flower.

They were tickled, and ate it up.

The next day she took an apple, quartered it, and cut out the seeds. Then she cut the quarters into more slices, and laid them out on half a plate like the rays of the sun. She peeled one of those tiny oranges and put it below the rays, as if it were the sun.

This was Fruit Sun Rise–and the kids scarfed it up.

These things took about 60 seconds of additional work, and brought both her and the kids amusement and smiles. They lightened up the whole cooking/eating issue–and the kids got their vitamins for the day. Viola!

Finally, here’s what one reader said:

“This little PLUS IT!™ book is chockfull of those simple things that I’d never think of—things that are so easy to do.

Our family life is more light-hearted since I’ve started PLUS-ing those house chores that we used to think were such drudgery. The kids are eager to see what I’ll come up with next. They are inventing their own PLUS IT!™ ideas.

They’re learning how to turn any situation to their advantage, to learn from it. That’s about the best attitude I could ever ask for from my kids!”

Dear Reader, for what you would spend on couple of sodas (which aren’t good for kids anyway), if you read and used PLUS IT!™ ideas, you could have the satisfaction of knowing you’re spending quality time with your kids, teaching them valuable skills, and setting them up for success.

If you read it now, by your next evening with the kids, you can have ideas to make the time you spend together more fun and more educational.

It’s a tiny investment for a potentially huge return.

With that, friend, I’ll say goodbye,

My love to you and yours,

Esther Jantzen

P.S. Just one more thing: Ultimately, PLUS IT!™ teaches values. I know that because I put into this book the things I value.

Some of those are to use time well, to leave something better than you found it, to learn from every experience, to communicate honestly, to choose wisely, to enjoy your life, and finally, to be grateful.

Very, very grateful.

Chores, learning, and fun can all happen at the same time.”
— Christine Lopez, mother of two


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