Goals for this Parenting Book: The Business of Selling


The sales of this little book full of tips for parents, Plus It! How to Easily Turn Everyday Activities into Learning Adventures for Kids, are taking off! It will be released on May 1.

Yesterday one person emailed me and bought eight copies because she’s interested in family life and family literacy. A friend from high school days who now lives in Panama (!) said she ordered three copies from Amazon. The first independent bookstore owner I’ve approached is interested in carrying the book. Two days ago, I did my first radio interview—with a distinguished media psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman <www.drcarole.com> who is very involved in the movement to limit violent media and video games. And of course, she supports families in doing creative, educational activities for kids.

My business goals for Plus It! are below.

As an aside, I have other goals which compel me more, but meeting them really depends on manifesting the business goals. For example, I have impact goals that center on how I’d like to contribute to improving education: My mission, which should keep me busy for rest of my life, is promoting literacy, learning, and loving in families worldwide. And I have personal goals that arise from deciding to be an info-preneur. For example, I’d like to let go of fears about sales and promotion, become more unconditionally loving of myself and others, and live in even more joy, fun, ease, grace, abundance, and adventure.

But my business goals are delineated here to help me stay on course. Of course, I reserve the right to add, subtract, and refine these as I go along. Adjustment is part of the process.

Business goals:

1. Break even first via sales by 12/31/2009. I figure I need to sell between 7,000 and 10,000 books to break even, depending on how much of the sale price of a book I actually get. (I don’t know that for sure yet.) The reality is that Amazon, Morgan James Publishing, and Ingram Publisher Services (IPS), the distributor, take the biggest chunks of revenue by far. I’m contributing to creating employment in all those companies, I figure.

2. Easily maintain a fun, engaging, professional website—www.plusitbook.com—that at least 500 people/week visit to download the free bonus and order more books by 12/31/2009.

3. Develop a community of Plus It readers and users who comment and share how they use Plus It ideas with kids 12/31/2009.

4. Sky-rocket to 100,000 in sales, through single sales and through bulk sales to organizations that support parenting, family services, family literacy, and schools by 9/30/2010.

5. Develop the next book in the series easily and in partnership with others by 9/30/2010.

6. Then move into the millions-of-books-sold club by mid 2011!

And why not! For this is an auspicious day: it’s Shakespeare’s birthday.

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