A Great Mother’s Day Gift


Here’s what an enthusiastic Mom wrote about Plus It!, this small new book chock full of tips for parents and easy, no-cost educational activities for kids:

“What a perfect mother’s day gift! I will be giving this to all the ‘mothers’ associated with each of my children: grandmas, godmothers, daycare providers, play-date moms…. I have to admit, I have selfish motives in so doing. I want everyone to help my children maintain their natural-born curiosity and passion for learning. In so doing, my role as mother will be so very much easier in the days and years to come.”

I loved receiving this email! Plus It! How to Easily Turn Everyday Activities into Learning Adventures for Kids was officially released yesterday, May 1, 2009. Yeah! That means bookstores are now permitted to sell it.

As author and primary marketer, I’m almost beside myself with joy, for Lynn D, who wrote what I quoted above, ordered ten copies from Amazon to give out as gifts.

And she sent out an email announcing the book to 26 friends!

That means all those parents/ caregivers and kids might soon be talking and interacting more with one another, and perhaps in fresh, meaningful, fun, new ways.

Whoopee! The mission of Plus It!—to support literacy, learning, and loving in families worldwide—is being served!

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