Family Activities for Kids — Ideas to
Promote Learning!


Dear Friends,

Imagine teaching your kids important skills while you get stuff done around the house.

Imagine less complaining and more cooperation from them.

Imagine knowing your children are headed for a lifetime of success with strong skills and attitudes.
Would that be good, or what?!

This slim little book, PLUS IT!™ can help set your family on that road.

So you’re probably wondering, What in the world does “Plus It!” mean?

To Plus It! means to make something you’re already doing a little bit better—easily. It’s a way to add value and fun without a lot of time, trouble, or cost.

PLUS IT!™ brings delight and discovery to ordinary activities. It shows simple ways to make an activity or travel time interesting, ask a good question, make a chore a challenge, or help a child break a bad mood.

I’ll give you some examples in a minute, but first let me tell you how I came to write this book (more).